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Dan Ratchet

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Dan Ratchet

Dan Ratchet has been played on NTS shows including Full Beam! FM , with Love Is The Key first played on 6 January 2019.

For the young Dan Ratchet 1986 was a busy year. Under the guidance of Simbarashe Tongogara, his cousin and a man with extensive experience in the music industry, he spent several months working in Kingston and London studios recording what was intended to be his first album. For various reasons, the only songs to see a release were “Sweet Rosie,” which saw a limited pressing on the Jamaican Star Time label and “The Time Has Come” which had been co…

Love Is The Key
Smith & Mighty feat. Dan Ratchet
Punch Drunk, Tectonic2018
Love Is The Key
Smith & Mighty feat. Dan RatchetPunch Drunk, Tectonic2018