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Kazue Sawai

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Kazue Sawai

Kazue Sawai has been played on NTS shows including Organic Music Tokyo w/ Chee Shimizu, with Eye To Eye first played on 13 February 2019.

Kazue Sawai (沢井 一恵, Sawai Kazue, born 1941 in Kyoto) is a Japanese koto player noted for her performance of contemporary classical music and free improvisation.

She began studying, at the age of eight, with Michio Miyagi. She later graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

She plays both the 13-string and 17-string kotos. As a soloist, as well as with her koto ensemble, she has performed and worked with John Cage, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Yuji Takahashi, Roberto Carnevale,…

Eye To Eye
Kazue Sawai
Republic, Art Front Produce1987
Eye To Eye
Kazue SawaiRepublic, Art Front Produce1987