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TQ has been played on NTS shows including Live From Beat Street w/ Rockers International & Island Records, with Way Of Life first played on 9 February 2019.

Terrance Quaites is an American R&B singer, known professionally as TQ. TQ was raised in the church (he sang in the choir) but his real education came from the streets, where the first wave of hip-hop music became the soundtrack to his life. "From Monday to Saturday I was hangin', partyin', chasing girls, getting in trouble, and straight-up acting the fool," he admits. "But on Sunday my mother dragged me out of bed to go to church….
Way Of Life
Lil Wayne feat. Big Tymers, TQ
Cash Money Records, Universal Records2002
Way Of Life
Lil Wayne feat. Big Tymers, TQCash Money Records, Universal Records2002