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The Outfit

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The Outfit

The Outfit has been played on NTS shows including No White Tees , with Rock & Roll first played on 8 December 2018.

There are more than one artist named The Outfit:

1) A rock and roll group 2) A hip-hop group 3) A streetpunk group 4) A drum'n'bass project

1)The Outfits frenzied, polyrhythmic rock and roll sound is inspired by their fondness for a good drink, their seriously short attention spans, and by their disdain of boring, conventional contemporary rock as much as by an eclectic myriad of new and old musical influences. Their music is meant to be memorable and exciting: clever pop songwriting flavored by layers of…

Rock & Roll
The Outfit, TX feat. Tyree
Back Of The Saloon Productions2012
Rock & Roll
The Outfit, TX feat. TyreeBack Of The Saloon Productions2012