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Boxcar Willie

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Boxcar Willie

Boxcar Willie has been played on NTS shows including Country Hayride, with Lonesome Hobo first played on 24 March 2019.

Born Lecil Travis Martin on September 1, 1931, in Sterrat, TX; died on April 12, 1999, in Branson, MO, of leukemia; married second wife Lloene Johnson, c. 1962; children: Tammy (first marriage), twins Larry and Lorry (with Johnson). Addresses: Website--Boxcar Willie Official Website:

Known as the world's favorite hobo, Boxcar Willie took a long train ride to his destination as a country music star. When he finally got there, he didn't waste a moment of his time. As a symbol of Americana, Boxcar Willie's dedication…

Lonesome Hobo
Boxcar Willie
Column One1980
Lonesome Hobo
Boxcar WillieColumn One1980