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Futon was first played on NTS on 17 May 2019. Songs played include I Wanna Be Your Dog (Coil Mogadog Mix).

Futon was an electro-rock band based in Thailand Futon is a doujin music circle based in Japan, run by Ginrei

Emerging from the Nightlife capital of the Orient, Bangkok based Futon are a band that defy definition and confront the South East Asian pop stereotype with reckless abandon. Comprising of Gene & Oh( both Thai), Bee and Simon Gilbert (UK), the band are a heady combination of Western decadence and South East Asian sultriness. Futon tied the knot on the dance floor…

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Coil Mogadog Mix)
Futon (Coil mix)
Lucky 7's0
I Wanna Be Your Dog (Coil Mogadog Mix)
Futon (Coil mix)Lucky 7's0