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Giorgio Gaber

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Giorgio Gaber

Giorgio Gaber has been played on NTS shows including Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith Presents: TouchThePlants, with Il Pavone first played on 13 July 2018.

Giorgio Gaber, true name Giorgio Gaberscik, born January 25, 1939 in Milan, died January 1, 2003 in Montemagno near Camaiore (Lucca), was an Italian actor, composer, and musician. But truly, no definition can completely suit a personality like Gaber, affectionately called "il Signor G" (Mister G) by his fans. He was also a good guitar player, and author of the first rock song in Italian (Ciao ti dirò, 1958).

Very appreciated have been his performances like author and actor of theatre: he was father,…

Il Pavone
Maria Monti, Giorgio Gaber
Il Pavone
Maria Monti, Giorgio GaberRifi1979