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Leak Bros

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Leak Bros

Leak Bros has been played on NTS in shows including Cherrystones, featured first on 17 November 2015. Songs played include Druggie Fresh.

The Leak Bros. is a collaboration between underground New York City hip-hop artists Cage Kennylz and Tame One of the Artifacts. The group was formed to fulfill Cage's obligations to the now-defunct Eastern Conference Records; the concept purportedly came from Cage's idea of a drug theme park wherein PCP users are told they: "have to be this high to ride this ride." Making their debut on Cage's 2003 EP Weatherproof and on Tame One's first full length solo album When Rappers Attack….

Druggie Fresh
Cage, Tame1, Leak Bros
Eastern Conference2004
Druggie Fresh
Cage, Tame1, Leak BrosEastern Conference2004