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Alaska & Nucleus

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Alaska & Nucleus

Alaska & Nucleus has been played on NTS in shows including PAN, featured first on 15 July 2019. Songs played include Project Two.

Alaska & Nucleus are Dev Pandya (aka Paradox, aka Alaska) and Dave Simms (aka Nucleus, aka Noise).

They have released a few 12"s on various labels including the '98 12" "Project 2 / Persistence of Vision" [NEXUS004] and "The Nautilus" [720 004] which was backed by a remix by Odyssey. They have also released music together on Alaska's Arctic Music label.

They have also released numerous 12"s over the years together as "Nucleus & Paradox" on labels such as Reinforced Records, Paradox Music, Offshore…

Project Two
Alaska And Nucleus
Nexus Records1998
Project Two
Alaska And NucleusNexus Records1998