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The Ascots

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The Ascots

The Ascots has been played on NTS in shows including Tom Furse, featured first on 25 July 2019. Songs played include I Need You.

The Ascots were a group of 8th and 9th graders from Pontiac, Michigan, led by John Neff. They recorded "So Good" and "Who Will It Be?" in August of 1965. The band consisted of John Neff, Lead Guitar and backup vocals, Chris Chappell, Lead Vocals, Bob Pelmear, Bass and backup vocals, Dale Kath, Rhythm Guitar and backup vocals, and Frank Giglio, Drums. The band was managed by Jim Baranowsky, who also managed 'The Kwintels', another Pontiac area teen band with great…

I Need You
The Ascots
Super Records1967
I Need You
The AscotsSuper Records1967