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Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes has been played on NTS shows including Trip Lick w/ James K, with O.O.B.E. (Andy Hughes Mix) first played on 30 August 2019.

From sending US astronauts into outer space to sending his fans into outer orbit, Andy Hughes is a man on a mission. Since leaving his post as a highly awarded and promoted electrical engineer for the Kennedy Space Center (yep - that one!), Andy fast became known as a consistent DJ who would throw down a thumping yet varied set suited to the moment and to the crowd’s needs.

A member of the prestigious Balance Record Pool, Andy’s signature sets of…

O.O.B.E. (Andy Hughes Mix)
The Orb (Andy Hughes mix)
Island Records, Universal Music Catalogue2007
O.O.B.E. (Andy Hughes Mix)
The Orb (Andy Hughes mix)Island Records, Universal Music Catalogue2007