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Frankie Miller

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Frankie Miller

Frankie Miller has been played on NTS shows including Carolina Soul, with After All (Live My Life) first played on 20 September 2019.

There are two singers named F.M. 1) One of them is the American country-singer from Texas (and some of the songs listed below are in fact some of his recordings), but this is about Frankie Miller (born 2 November 1949, in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland) who is the Scottish rock singer/songwriter, who had moderate success in the 1970s with a gritty voice similar to Rod Stewart or Joe Cocker. Bob Seger has remarked that Miller was one of his favourite singers, in an article published…

After All (Live My Life)
Frankie Miller
After All (Live My Life)
Frankie MillerChrysalis2011