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John Howard

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John Howard

John Howard has been played on NTS in shows including Moxie , featured first on 2 October 2019. Songs played include Find The Groove.

John Howard is a British singer-songwriter whose albums Kid In A Big World, Technicolour Biography and Can You Hear Me OK?, recorded in the mid '70s, were reissued by RPM Records thirty years later. He returned to recording in 2004 and has since released several albums of new material, The Dangerous Hours (2005), As I Was Saying (2006), Same Bed Different Dreams (2007), Barefoot With Angels (2008), Navigate Home (2009), Exhibiting Tendencies (2011), You Shall Go To The Ball! (2012), Storeys…

Find The Groove
John Howard, Pete Sung
Seven Limited Records2006
Find The Groove
John Howard, Pete SungSeven Limited Records2006