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Dub Incorporation

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Dub Incorporation

Dub Incorporation has been played on NTS in shows including DNA w/ Sahar, featured first on 12 October 2019. Songs played include Maché Bécif.

Dub Incorporation is a French Reggae band which was founded in 1997. They sing their songs in French and partially in Arabic. The band comes from Saint-Etienne. There they started their career, but in the meantime they are further sucessfull in, for example, Germany. Dub Incorporation has published 5 disks: Their first disk (Dub incorporation 1,1) was published in April 2000, the second (Version 1.2) followed in June 2001. Their two most sucessfull and most popular disks are Diversité (September 2003) and…

Maché Bécif
Dub Inc
Maché Bécif
Dub IncDiversité2016