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Tim Easton

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Tim Easton

Tim Easton has been played on NTS shows including All About Our Love w/ Harriet Brown, with Lifetime (Tim And Jez Mix) first played on 20 October 2019.

Tim Easton (born 1966 in Akron, Ohio) is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Easton formed the band Kosher Spears while at college. In the 1996 Easton joined The Haynes Boys. When they split up, Easton embarked on a solo career, with his debut album, Special 20, released in 1998. He subsequently relocated to California, signed a deal with EMI Publishing, and a record deal with New West Records.

In 2007, Easton joined Leeroy…

Lifetime (Tim And Jez Mix)
Maxwell (Jez Colin, Tim Easton mix)
Lifetime (Tim And Jez Mix)
Maxwell (Jez Colin, Tim Easton mix)Columbia2001