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Deth Crux

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Deth Crux

Deth Crux has been played on NTS in shows including Electric Warriors w/ J Bennett, featured first on 7 November 2019. Songs played include Mutant Flesh.

The Brvtalist is proud to premiere the new EP by Los Angeles-based five piece Deth Crux. Comprised of members of Ancestors, Lightning Swords of Death, Buried at Sea and more, Deth Crux is truly an amalgamation of its predecessors, creating blackened deathrock that transfuses elements of doom, post-punk and primitive black metal.

Mutant Flesh
Deth Crux
Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Legion Of The Dead2018
Mutant Flesh
Deth CruxSentient Ruin Laboratories, Legion Of The Dead2018