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Jean-Bernard Raiteux

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Jean-Bernard Raiteux

Jean-Bernard Raiteux has been played on NTS in shows including Janie Jones, featured first on 1 December 2019. Songs played include Kathleen Writhing.

Outstanding library recording on MPI LP 539, Jean-Bernard Raiteux' Harlem Pop Trotters from 1972 featuring some hard hitting psych/funk cuts, with strange 'folk' interludes. Rightly regarded as one of the most desirable and sought after of library recordings. Jean-Bernard Raiteux colaborated also with Jess Franco as soundrackmaker for some of his films.

Kathleen Writhing
Jean-Bernard Raiteux
Finders Keepers Records2016
Kathleen Writhing
Jean-Bernard RaiteuxFinders Keepers Records2016