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Alden Penner

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Alden Penner

Alden Penner has been played on NTS in shows including Immediate Hits w/ Dan Russell, featured first on 14 December 2019. Songs played include The Ghost Of Creaky Crater.

Alden Penner is a Canadian musician who was in the Montreal based band The Unicorns. Before The Unicorns, he recorded music of his own and was in various bands such as Poor Alexander. After the Unicorns, he released a 7" vinyl called "The Ghost of Creaky Crater" on an Australian label, while living there for a period of a year. After returning to Montreal, he played with a man named Adam, a former member…

The Ghost Of Creaky Crater
Alden Penner
Art School Dropout2005
The Ghost Of Creaky Crater
Alden PennerArt School Dropout2005