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Merle Spears

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Merle Spears

Merle Spears has been played on NTS in shows including Mint Condition w/ Randy Ellis, featured first on 29 October 2019. Songs played include It's Just A Matter Of Time.

A little known Louisiana based 60s Soul singer who only recorded a handful of songs.

DISCOGRAPHY I want to know / Gonna move ~ WHIT 711 / ATLANTIC 2243 (1964) It's just a matter of time / Ain't no need ~ WHIT 713 / ATLANTIC 2274 (1965) Wisdom of a fool / What you gonna do ~ J-MER 101 (1966/7) When something is wrong with my baby / Get back ~ HERCULOIDS 1001/2 (1967)

Southern University Stage Band In A Soul…

It's Just A Matter Of Time
Merle Spears
It's Just A Matter Of Time
Merle SpearsAtlantic1965