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The Chairman

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The Chairman

The Chairman has been played on NTS shows including Thea HD, with The Mezz (The Chairmans Remix) first played on 23 February 2020.

See: for danish band

Sam Deere, a.k.a. The Chairman is a beats, electronica, glitch hop, and instrumental hip hop producer from Adelaide, Australia. His style is eclectic, with influences ranging from artists such as Amon Tobin and DJ Shadow, to Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares, to The Mars Volta and Massive Attack

The Chairman releases all of his music under a Creative Commons license, and encourages the use of filesharing systems, such as BitTorrent, to distribute his music.

His official site is

The Mezz (The Chairmans Remix)
Radioactive Man (The Chairman mix)
Rotters Golf Club2001
The Mezz (The Chairmans Remix)
Radioactive Man (The Chairman mix)Rotters Golf Club2001