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Yung Wun

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Yung Wun

Yung Wun has been played on NTS in shows including Skate Muzik, featured first on 13 March 2020. Songs played include Ryde Or Die Boyz.

Yung Wun is an American rapper from Atlanta.


Yung Wun was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Yung Wun was raised in Eastlake Meadows housing projects, otherwise known as "Little Vietnam". Yung Wun was very quickly exposed to the effects of crime and soon become involved with several gangs. By the age of six, he had fully embraced a life of criminalality. Yung Wun had numerous encounters with police as he took part in random lawlessness, which landed him in the throws of…

Ryde Or Die Boyz
Ruff Ryders feat. Larsiny, Yung Wun
Ruff Ryders, Interscope Records2000
Ryde Or Die Boyz
Ruff Ryders feat. Larsiny, Yung WunRuff Ryders, Interscope Records2000