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Luis Enrique

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Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique has been played on NTS shows including New York Naomi, with Yo No Sé Mañana (Pop) first played on 20 March 2020.

Nicaraguan salsa vocalist Luis Enrique was one of Latin music's first pioneers of the romantic "salsa sensual" style. Approaching an otherwise aggressive and bright musical style with a smoother, more emotive sensibility, Enrique laid the groundwork for salsa and Latin pop artists to follow, such as Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle. Enrique immigrated to the States in 1978, taking up residence in L.A. He applied the musical training and apprenticeship he'd received from his father wherever possible, including a variety of…

Yo No Sé Mañana (Pop)
Luis Enrique
Red Bullet2010
Yo No Sé Mañana (Pop)
Luis EnriqueRed Bullet2010