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Fred Lorca

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Fred Lorca

Fred Lorca has been played on NTS shows including Straight Honey, with Todas Las Mananas first played on 27 February 2020.

Fred Lorca is a singer, flaneur, philosopher, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Christian Dergarabedian has been releasing music as Fred Lorca since 2009, his first album being Cosas que suceden, produced by his other alter-ego, Earzumba. As Fred Lorca, he likes to mix phsychedlic latin folklore, dub & electronic music, fulfilled with attractives melodies ,cachty rythms, crazy sounds and a sensitive voice. He is also known to stick to the first take as the truly audible final truth.

Todas Las Mananas
Fred Lorca
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Todas Las Mananas
Fred LorcaVale Vergas Discos0