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Kalyi Jag

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Kalyi Jag

Kalyi Jag has been played on NTS in shows including All Fruits Ripe w/ Jack Sapsed, featured first on 22 June 2020. Songs played include Mori Shej, Sabina.

Kalyi Jag (Romani for "Black Fire") is a Hungarian Romani folk music group.

The group was founded in Budapest by Vlach Roma members who originated from the Szatmár county. It had roots in the Táncház movement. They were named Young Masters of Folk Art in 1979.[3] The first album was released in 1987 and became a success.

The music is based on traditional Romani music, primarily Vlach Roma music, with some modernization in the interpretations and the group has…

Mori Shej, Sabina
Kalyi Jag
Putumayo World Music2001
Mori Shej, Sabina
Kalyi JagPutumayo World Music2001