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Parno Graszt

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Parno Graszt

Parno Graszt has been played on NTS in shows including All Fruits Ripe w/ Jack Sapsed, featured first on 22 June 2020. Songs played include Romano Bijo – Cigány Lagzi – Gipsy Wedding.

Parno Graszt means 'White Horse'. White as a symbol for purity and Horse as a symbol for Freedom. Parno Graszt was formed in 1987 in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, the most authentic but under-developed area from Hungary. The Band exist of 7 musicians, and sometimes the group play with dancers from wich the age can vary from 10 to 72! But if you visit their village during a wedding, a baptism, a funeral or another…

Romano Bijo – Cigány Lagzi – Gipsy Wedding
Parno Graszt
Fonó Records2004
Romano Bijo – Cigány Lagzi – Gipsy Wedding
Parno GrasztFonó Records2004