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Bite The Bullet

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Bite The Bullet

Bite The Bullet has been played on NTS shows including Black Impulse, with Going Out first played on 4 July 2020.

There is more than one group named Bite the Bullet

1) Bite the Bullet Official Website, Facebook, Soundcloud Psychedelic hard rock group from Copenhagen, Denmark. The three fuzzloving members of Bite the Bullet have played rocknroll together since 2012, yet already they've played a bunch of concerts, and are becoming a live-band well talked about. Their joy of playing, and music, comes untamed and directly from the heart, its present and playful, and most importantly, its music meant to be played loud! Members: Thomas Storgaard Christiansen,…

Going Out
Bite The Bullet
Bilocation Records2013
Going Out
Bite The BulletBilocation Records2013