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Karen Overton

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Karen Overton

Karen Overton has been played on NTS shows including United In Flames w/ Malibu , with Your Loving Arms (Club Mix) first played on 15 July 2020.

Karen Overton was born in 1983 in Brighton, England. She attended the K-Bis School for Performing Arts where she began writing music. After a couple years she moved to London where she began modeling. While modeling she kept writing songs and working with artists like Kelly Le Roc and Big Brovaz.

She is known for her voice in the very popular Progressive House track Your Loving Arms, the Club Mix of which was mixed into DJ Tiesto's "In Search…

Your Loving Arms (Club Mix)
Karen Overton
Ego Music2005
Your Loving Arms (Club Mix)
Karen OvertonEgo Music2005