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DJ Fury

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DJ Fury

DJ Fury has been played on NTS shows including Demon Poetry w/ DJ Persuasion, Dev/Null and Anina, with Worldly People first played on 18 July 2020.

DJ FURY (aka "The King of Bass"), began his professional music career in 1991 with the recording of his former Bass Patrol group album, "The Kings of Bass", released in 1992 through Miami-based Joey Boy Records. Before that time, he was a popular mixtape DJ in the South. After high school Fury joined the US Air Force for a few years and purchased a lot of the equipment that started his music career. Fury got his…

Worldly People
DJ Fury
Biohazard Records (UK)1994
Worldly People
DJ FuryBiohazard Records (UK)1994