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Magnate Y Valentino

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Magnate Y Valentino

Magnate Y Valentino has been played on NTS in shows including Perm Politics w/ Chantal, featured first on 13 August 2020. Songs played include Gata Celosa.

Magnate y Valentino are a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo. They are one of the pioneers of the subgenre known as romantikeo. They were among the first duos to include ballads and romantic songs in the discography. They form part of the second wave of reggaeton artists having debuted in 1998 in various artists compilation album The Warriors 2 where they were called Los Nene. Magnate has since released his first solo album, Progresivo. Valentino is now part of the…

Gata Celosa
Magnate & Valentino feat. Hector & Tito
VI Music2002
Gata Celosa
Magnate & Valentino feat. Hector & TitoVI Music2002