NTS Presents Visible Cloaks, Post Geography & Jonny Mons


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NTS presents Visible Cloaks, live at Zebulon Café Concert in Los Angeles, March 2nd. Advance tickets from $12...

Visible Cloaks / soundcloud.com/visiblecloaks
Portland, Oregon-based duo of Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile are the open-source musical entity known as Visible Cloaks, whose debut album Reassemblage and affiliated mini-album Lex both beamed to the world via RVNG last year.

Post-Geography / soundcloud.com/postgeography
Nick Malkin, the man behind Post-Geography specialises in ambient and atmospheric soundscapes, and his issued cassette releases from Japanese selector 食品まつりa.k.a FOODMAN as well as Osaka-based producer, Metome.

Jonny Mons / soundcloud.com/jonnymons
A "consistently inconsistent" LA-based DJ with a flair for sun-tinged new wave, poolside dance and rare gems.


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