Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda & Holodisc

London, 06.08.19

Initially started as a radio show, London-based Alien Jams has since evolved into a record label, event series and more - widely exploring sounds across experimental electronics, industrial, electro, EBM and noise. The label from founder and DJ Chloe Frieda has long nurtured local artists and released music from rkss, Wilted Woman, Karen Gwyer, Beatrice Dillon, YAWS, and oMMM.


  • Holodisc
    Catford Train Intro
  • Ectoplasm Girls
  • Caterina Barbieri, Kali Malone
    Glory (Final Movement)
  • John Fahey
    Thus Krishna On The Battlefield
  • Alice Coltrane
  • Fennesz
    In My Room
  • Porter Ricks
    Nautical Zone
  • Michael Speers
  • Maria W. Horn
    Diverted Units III
  • Maria W. Horn
    Diverted Units V
  • Parazite
    Rats (Excerpt)
  • Unknown
    Unreleased Holodisc
  • Unknown
    Unreleased Holodisc
  • Sea Urchin
    Asa (Tahtib Tehbat)
  • Clemency
    SSRI Season / Sleep-In Sickness
  • bod [包家巷]
    Advent Of The Silicon Rain [硅雨来临]
  • Rosen
  • Stine Janvin
    Zen Garden
  • Nick Klein & Wilted Woman
    Side B (Excerpt)
  • Nadine Byrne
  • Jean-Luc
    Una Medusa
  • Container
  • Ledef
    Purity Bynez
  • Yeah You
    If (newDom)
  • Succhiamo
    Dolore Dentro
  • Autechre
    Warp Tapes (Excerpt)

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