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Architects w/ Travis Massman: DJ Quik special

Los Angeles, 21.11.22

Alex Kelman pays tribute to living legends once a month live from Los Angeles. Too often are masters of their craft celebrated when they pass on to the next realm. This show focuses on hard working individuals that are Architects of culture, creativity, and sound.


  • DJ Quik, Kurupt 
    9X Outta 10
  • 2Pac 
    Heartz Of Men
  • Suga Free 
    Why U Bullshittin'?
  • DJ Quik
    Quik's Groove Lll
  • Jay-Z 
    Justify My Thug
  • Truth Hurts Feat Rakim
  • DJ Quik 
  • DJ Quik 
    Pitch In Ona Party
  • Tony! Toni! Tone! Feat DJ Quik
    Let's Get Down
  • 2nd Ll None
    If You Want It
  • Shaquille O'Neil
    Strait Playin' (Superman Remix)
  • DJ Quik 
    Dollaz + Sense
  • DJ Quik 
    You'z A Ganxta
  • 2Pac Feat AMG & DJ Quik
    Late Night (Original Version)
  • DJ Quik Feat AMG, 2nd Ll None & Hi-C
    Good Thing