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Lucinda Chua - Antidotes

London, 10.05.21

With Lucinda Chua

Lucinda Chua presents another guest transmission, celebrating her new release "Antidotes".

Image by Nhu Xuan Hua


  • Ocean Vuong, Nhu Xuan Hua
    On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous Excerpts
  • Mark Hollis 
    A Life (1895 - 1915)
  • Bianca Scout
    Private Party
  • Tirzah 
    Send Me
  • Lucinda Chua 
    Until I Fall
  • BON
  • Duval Timothy feat. Masha Lisogorskay, Max Valizideh, Nicholas Mandalos 
  • Sneaker Pimps 
    6 Underground
  • Radiohead 
    Pyramid Song
  • Tash Tung
  • Deftones 
  • Entourage
    Euphoric Bells Alternative Take
  • Clint Mansell 
    Ghosts Of Things To Come
  • Arthur Russell 
    Our Last Night Together
  • Laura Misch
    Past Voices
  • Namine Doi
    Sprint 00
  • Alliyah Enyo
    When My Mind Is Quiet I Drift 2 U Water 2 Wine
  • Oneohtrix Point Never 
    Long Road Home