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Sonic Liberation Front - Solidarity with Iran - Gisou Golshani


Syncing up with Radio Alhara and stations around the world for #SonicLiberationFront: In Solidarity with Iran.

The broadcast, protesting violence against women in Iran, following the murder of 22 year old woman Mahsa Amini in Tehran. Featuring 100% women and nonbinary Iranian artists, the project is curated by Pouya Ehsaei:

"Iranian history in the past hundred years is a story of resistance against violence and oppression. Most recently, on 16 September, the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, ignited a nationwide uprising in Iran. Mahsa was detained and beaten up by the morality police for wearing her hijab in an “inappropriate” way and died in custody. Since then Iranians, particularly women, have been on the streets shouting “Women, Life, Freedom” demanding a free country, a fair government and the abolition of compulsory hijab. In response to this movement, the Iranian government is violently attacking and arresting the protesters and has shut down the internet to limit communications. We are standing by the people of Iran who are risking their lives for freedom. In a climate where the Iranian regime is creating a toxic environment to spread fear and prevent Iranian people from raising their voice, we want to thank all of the artists who have responded to this invite and offered their mixes and, more importantly, their names in the name of freedom. These are the voices the Islamic Republic wishes to silence. These are the voices that used to be sung in private and are now shouting together in a fog of tear gas, in the middle of fire. These are the voices that lead Iran to freedom. #womenlifefreedom"

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