Naomi Asaturyan

London, 10.11.19

Naomi Asaturyan on the NTS airwaves, delivering soothing soul and spiritual jazz.


  • Joe McPhee
    Black Magic Man
  • Maulawi Nururdin
    Root In 7 4 Plus
  • Sidney Joe Qualls
    I Enjoy Loving You
  • Sylvia Striplin
    You Can't Turn Me Away
  • Syreeta
    I Love Every Little Thing About You
  • Madeline Bell
    You've Got What It Takes
  • Rick Holmes
    Remember To Remember
  • Goodie Mob
    Is That You God?
  • Ramp
    Everybody Loves The Sunshine
  • Arnold Blair
    Finally Made It Home
  • Pharoah Sanders
    Love Will Find A Way

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