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Nitetrax - Prince Special

London, 17.03.15

Focus on Prince

Nitetrax presents an exploratory range of club music every month, from classic and forgotten trax by the pioneers, to front line mutations by the innovators of today.

Collections: Prince, Poptimism


  • Prince And The Revolution
    Anotherloverholenyohead (Extended Version)
  • Prince And The Revolution (1)
    Mountains (Extended Version)
  • Prince (Femi Jiya mix) 
    I Wish U Heaven (Part 1, 2 & 3)
  • Prince 
    Alphabet St. (This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip)
  • Prince 
    Hot Thing (Extended Remix)
  • Prince 
    Shockadelica (Extended Version)
  • Prince 
    Feel U Up (Long Stroke)
  • Prince 
    La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive)
  • Prince (6)
    Housequake (The After-Shock Mix)
  • Prince 
    Good Love
  • Prince And The Revolution (2)
    Kiss (Extended Version)
  • Camille
    Scarlet Pussy
  • Prince And The Revolution (3)
    Erotic City (Dance Mix)
  • Prince & The Revolution (Sheila E. mix) 
    Hello (Fresh Dance Mix)
  • Prince & The Revolution (Sheila E. mix) 
    Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix)
  • Prince & The Revolution 
    She's Always In My Hair
  • Prince & The Revolution 
    Paisley Park (Remix)