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Séance Centre

Ontario, 08.01.20

Canadian record label, publisher, and distributors Séance Centre conjure timeless music from the past, present, and future.


  • E Bello 
    Due Notte (Club, Clap, Clip Mix)
  • Fats Comet 
    Eat The Beat
  • Atrax B
    Go Pass Locomotion (Delvomix) (At 33)
  • Robody 
    Dr. Youwzy (Crazy Mix)
  • Annie Perec 
  • Nesthaken
    After A Hard Day
  • Nikki D
    Daddy's Lil Girl
  • The B.H.H., Ardath Bey 
    Bulgarian Hip Hop
  • 101 
    Just As Long As I Got You
  • Tony Llewellyn 
    Pick You Up (House Version)
  • Arlene 
    Who Will It Be? (Club Mix)
  • Fizzy Veins 
    Kool Down