BFDM, a.k.a Brothers From Different Mothers, are the snottiest techno label around. Non-stop crunch rollers, all the way from Lyon - tune in for a couple hours on 2, monthly Mondays.

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  • Engvall-Med Iver
  • Arca-Sad Bitch
  • No UFO's-00/00/2010
  • Le Chocolat Noir-Tanka Linija
  • Richard H Kirk-Never Lose Your Shadow
  • Executive Slacks-So Mote It Be
  • Cinéma Vérité-Starres Weiss
  • Naffi Sandwich-Toxteth Train Time
  • Madteo-Insider
  • DJ Khalab / DJ Hendrix-6THPRLL
  • Prostitutes-Stains Left Unnamed
  • Prins Thomas-Bobletekno (Bugge Wesseltoft Yamaha SK-15 version)
  • GAM & Marine-Rider (forthcoming Eye for an Eye Recordings)
  • NHK YX KYOXEN-1073+Snare
  • DJ Oa$is vs DJ Ape-Sleng Again + Sleng Again, Again
  • Francis Bebey-Louange Malinke
  • Alhadji Haruna Ishola-Ire Ni Temi
  • Osamu Kitajima-Benzaiten (God of Music and Water)
  • TCP-The Dynamic Energy
  • Mikis Theodorakis-Batucada
  • Hawkwind-Earth Calling
  • John Bender-Meat
  • Equiknoxx-Porridge Should Be Brown Not Green
  • Suns Of Arqa-Asian Rebel
  • Mad Cobra-Yes Or No (Rub A Dub Version)
  • Shock Taktix-This Is Not...
  • Pankow-Boys And Girls (Betty Bottox Edit)
  • Haruomi Hosono-Body Snatchers
  • Unknownmix-Uanda Street
  • Miharu Koshi-Capricious Salad
  • The Wally Brothers-The Man Who Sold The World