Adam Oko



Crackled lo-fi tapes, sparkling synth-driven ditties, rarities from Japan and a whole lot else: all wrapped up neatly in a pleasing package of oozing ambient goodness - it's Adam Oko.

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  • Bernard Parmegiani-Dynamique de la Resonance
  • Haruomi Hosono-Trembling #1
  • Yasuaki Shimizu-Hako
  • Robert Fripp and Andy Summers-Lakeland/Aquarelle
  • Benjamin Lew-Ces Lignes Tremblees et l’Absence de Couleurs Vives
  • The Flying Lizards-New Voice
  • Japan-Ghosts
  • 姫神-白い日は踊る
  • Visible Cloaks-Vocal Study
  • The Folk Implosion-Raise the Bells
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto-In a Forest of Feathers
  • Dip in the Pool-Sur le Pois
  • Fall of Saigon-So Long
  • Tom Ze-A Felicidade
  • Hatfield and The North-Her Majesty was a Cream Donut (Short)
  • Misel Quitno-Treehouse, Leaves Blowing
  • R. Stevie Moore-Showing Shadows
  • Gong-Love is How Y Make It