Adam Oko



Crackled lo-fi tapes, sparkling synth-driven ditties, rarities from Japan and a whole lot else: all wrapped up neatly in a pleasing package of oozing ambient goodness - it's Adam Oko.

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  • Daniel Schmidt and the Berkeley Gamelan-Ghosts
  • David Cunningham-Blue River
  • Uakti-Trilobita
  • Bill Nelson-The Bride of Christ in Autumn
  • Matching Mole-Instant Pussy
  • Daevid Allen-Rational Anthem
  • David Wescott-The Promised Land
  • 小沢邦彦-Womb
  • Michele Mercure-In the Air
  • Kazumi Watanabe-Mother Terra
  • Steve Hillage-Octave Doctors
  • G. B. Beckers-Zeitlupentraum
  • Dip in the Pool-Again
  • Thomas Leer-Like a Drum