Adam Oko



Crackled lo-fi tapes, sparkling synth-driven ditties, rarities from Japan and a whole lot else: all wrapped up neatly in a pleasing package of oozing ambient goodness - it's Adam Oko.

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  • Maxwell August Croy-Glass Anemone
  • Sabbatical-Blue Again
  • X.Y.R-Underwater Jungle
  • Sugai Ken-Denden
  • Ayuo Takahashi-しずかにおきてごらん
  • Bauhaus-The Three Shadows (Part 1)
  • Tuxedo Moon-In a Manner of Speaking
  • Tapes-A New Beginning Must Have an End
  • Gothic Hut-Go to Sleep
  • Savant-Deceit in Passion
  • Chi-Dance
  • Phew-Closed
  • Severed Heads-Lamborghini
  • Mag and the Suspects-Erection
  • Japan-Still Life in Mobile Homes