Adam Oko



Crackled lo-fi tapes, sparkling synth-driven ditties, rarities from Japan and a whole lot else: all wrapped up neatly in a pleasing package of oozing ambient goodness - it's Adam Oko.

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  • Gerard Stokkink-Ship, Worm, Bride
  • David Casper-Awakening
  • Ray Russell-Outland
  • Ayuo Takahashi-月の庭
  • Johannes Schmoelling-The Woodpecker
  • Cosmic Neighbourhood-Unknown
  • Savant-Heart of Stillness
  • Mark Barecca-Moonlight Dome
  • Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda-Wawaki
  • Bushido-First Respects
  • Pink Industry-The Only One
  • Sympathy Nervous-Inverted Type
  • Ippu-Do-Yomotolo-Waiya
  • Katsutoshi Morizono-Imagery
  • Michal Turtle-Zoote Pointe