Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda & Not Waving



Alien Jams is a FORTNIGHTLY show focusing on electronic music throughout history. The program aims to provide background on early electronics as well as present day artists.

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  • Maggi Payne-Flights Of Fancy
  • Not Waving-Enemies Of The People
  • Jean Piche-La Mer A L'Aube
  • Hands-Beelitz-Heilstatten
  • Eduardo Polonio-Arsilah
  • Flaming Tunes-Another Flaming tune
  • Colin Potter-Mainland
  • Mecanica Popular-Impressionistas II
  • Berserk In A Hayfield-Tease
  • Camberwell Now-Speculative Found
  • Daniele Ciullini-Trance
  • Craig Leon-Donkey Bearing Cups
  • Tomaga-Malintesi
  • Bourbonse Qualk-Head Stop
  • Green Gums-Cestodas Labrynth