Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda & Howlround



Alien Jams is a FORTNIGHTLY show focusing on electronic music throughout history. The program aims to provide background on early electronics as well as present day artists.

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  • Ruth White-The Clock
  • Howlround-Cradle Spools Take 3 Extract
  • Howlround-Live Extract Ologies
  • Howlround-Wing To Wing
  • Howlround-Kapelon
  • Howlround-Keagnian Space
  • John Baker-Structures
  • John baker-Dial M For Murder
  • FC Judd-China Bowl
  • Daphne Oram-Contrast Essomic
  • OMMM-Test Pressing
  • Nick Luscombe-Monomarchi (Comb & Hammer)
  • Henk Badings-The Woman of Andros
  • Howlround-Cradle Spools (Cheat Mix)