All Styles All Smiles

New York


A monthly genre-spanning show focusing on rare grooves, classics, new productions and obscurities with a worldwide perspective. All these are put together with lots of love by Javybz - Anya and Julia - who currently reside in Moscow and Brooklyn respectively.

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  • Bartosz Kruczyński-Supplement 2
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Sunset Village
  • Zazou Bikaye ‎-Soki Akei
  • Afro Funk-Hot Love
  • Chagrin D'Amour-Ciao Katmandou
  • Shy Layers-Too Far Out
  • Jah Wobble-Blow Out
  • Wally Badarou ‎-Back To Scales To-Night
  • Sag War Fare-Don't Be So Jive
  • Tomorrow's People-Open Soul
  • Madcliff-I Like It
  • The Mighty Chevelles-Gift Of Love
  • Richenel-Autumn
  • Sun Palace-Coral Reef
  • Personal FX-Objects in Mirrors
  • Claude Rodap-Hiwa
  • Dionne-Come Get My Lovin
  • Mood II Swing-Nafara
  • Tornado Wallace-Kakadu
  • Dazion-Dancing In The Future (Instrumental)
  • Minako Yoshida-Black Moon