All Styles All Smiles

New York


A monthly genre-spanning show focusing on rare grooves, classics, new productions and obscurities with a worldwide perspective. All these are put together with lots of love by Javybz - Anya and Julia - who currently reside in Moscow and Brooklyn respectively.

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  • Piri-Porta Do Sol
  • Celia-Detalhes
  • Paulinho & Dorinha-E Natural
  • Almeta Lattimore-These Memories (Alternate Mix)
  • Angela Bofill-The Only Thing I Would Wish For
  • Universal Togetherness Band-I Want You
  • Will And James Ragar-Melting Pot
  • Javier Bergia-Gran Via
  • Kevin Moore-Speak Your Mind
  • Rahni Harris And Family Love-He's My Friend
  • Universal Togetherness Band-Call For Love
  • 4th Kingdom-Gotta Get To You
  • Straight Jacket-The Greatest Part Of Loving
  • Bridget Cooper-(Get Into) The Love Groove Part 1
  • Romel Westwood-I'm Through With You
  • Anglo-Saxon Brown - Gonna Make You Mine
  • Tony Joe White-We'll Live On Love
  • Machine-My Baby Loves Me
  • Universal Togetherness Band-Ain't Gonna Cry
  • Angelo Tinsley-Get Down With Me
  • Spike-Kanti Dadum
  • Javier Bergia-Midnight Round Mekines
  • Theadora Ifudu-Four In A Tangle
  • Vito Ricci-I Felt A Pull Between Us Like Gravity
  • Gianni Morandi & Lucio Dalla-Dimmi Dimmi
  • Theadora Ifudu-Hello There!
  • Boban Petrovic-Usamljenik Na Dnu Kosmosa
  • J.O.B. Orquestra-Govinda