Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone



Techno-punk legend Andrew Weatherall plays his favourites past and present; ranging from contemporary indie bands to the pounding 909s of early acid house.

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  • Disastronaut-White Van Man
  • Bugger Sod-Under Control
  • Death & Maiden-Flowers For The Blind
  • Strange Harvest-Amnesia
  • Shopping-Time Wasted
  • Golden Teacher-No Hemos Vivido
  • M'Bamina-Kilowi-Kilowi
  • Doug Hream Blunt-Fly Guy
  • Hidden Ritual-Garden
  • Gloomies-LSD
  • Sordid Sound System-Dub Cha Cha
  • Tross-Rainbow
  • Milk Lines-Purgatory
  • Mighty Ballistic Hi-Power - New Face In Hell
  • The Bollock Brothers-The Actors (Dub)
  • The Icarus Line-El Sereno
  • Bachar Mar KhalifĂ©-Wolf Pack
  • Maki Asakawa-Chicchana Toki Kara (Live)
  • Lee Royal-I See Love There In Your Eyes
  • Michael Chapman-Plain Old Bob Has A Hoe Down
  • Giles Corey-The Haunting Presence
  • David John Sheppard-Seconds, Minutes, Hours
  • Ought-Beautiful Blue Sky