Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone



Techno-punk legend Andrew Weatherall plays his favourites past and present; ranging from contemporary indie bands to the pounding 909s of early acid house.

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  • Philippe Chany-Lettre A Monsieur Le Legislateur
  • Vox Populi!-Djamileh
  • TCP-Oasis
  • One Gang Logic-The Stand
  • Rodinia-Part II
  • Sergio Ferraresi-Time Of Machines
  • Pro Arte-Stari Dvorak
  • Crooked Man-I’ll Be Loving You
  • Wolfgang Reichmann-Wunderbar
  • Miguel Angel Fuster-Polvo Lunar
  • Lavvi Ebbel-Le Cafard
  • Sad City-Rain Call
  • XAM Duo-The Test Dream
  • The Early Years-Hall Of Mirrors
  • Disappears-Always Crashing In The Same Car
  • Disappears-Trans Europa Express
  • Remover-Neonlicht
  • Lorelle Meets The Obsolete-Balance
  • Yeti Lane-Acide Amer
  • Spectre-Sea of Trees (Andy Bell Remix)
  • The Early Years-Fluxus
  • The Early Years-Near Unison