Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone



Techno-punk legend Andrew Weatherall plays his favourites past and present; ranging from contemporary indie bands to the pounding 909s of early acid house.

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  • Cowboys International-The 'No' Tune
  • Komodo Kolektif-Djakarta 3001 (Short Version)
  • Moon Duo-Lost In Light
  • Les animaux sauvages-Покажи ми
  • Marcello Giombini-Disco 6
  • Night Moves-Transdance (New York Disco Mix)
  • Akbaba İkilisi-Şeker Oğlan
  • Aşık Emrah-Bu Ellerden Göçüp
  • The Orielles-Tastes Like Dub
  • Deadbeat-Interferenze Dub
  • Pecker-Mystical Electro Harikiri
  • Sterling Roswell-Give Peace Another Chance (Voyager Version)
  • The Unthanks-The Road To The Stars
  • Erick Legrand-Casualties
  • Warren Hampshire, Greg Foat-Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand
  • The Mighty Quark-Fade Out For The Medaza Boys
  • The Sensational Alex Harvey Band-The Hot City Symphony Part 2 - The Man In The Jar
  • The Spellbinder Project-Dark Is The Light
  • Babyface Clan-Magnifying Glass
  • Do Make Say Think-Bound And Boundless