Anthony Chalmers w/ Tomaga



Anthony Chalmers, promoter of Baba Yaga's Hut at Corsica Studios as well as Raw Power Festival, visits NTS for a monthly showcase of his heavy collection, which spans jazz, dub, stoner rock, psych and power electronics.

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  • Tim 'Love' Lee-Rejoice Beyond The Bounds Of Time
  • Daniela Casa-Pericolo
  • Charles Cohen-Club Revival Performance
  • Suns of Arqa-Acid Bends
  • Ravi Shankar-Madness
  • Alessandroni-Stozzatrice
  • Lumerians-Track 1 (from Transmissions From Telos: Vol.IV)
  • Cavern Of Anti Matter-Total Availability And The Private Future
  • Big Two Hundred-Doorstep Discovery
  • Palm Bomen-Caitlin Ross
  • Amon Duul II-Kismet
  • Sad City-Track 1
  • Palmbomen-Peter Tanaka